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Rental Utes

Browse our range of Utes

We offer a broad selection of utes and tipper trucks, all of which are available for hire. Our utes are all carefully maintained to offer a reliable service at an affordable rate to our new and current valued clients.

Can be used to transport rubbish to the tip, picking up timber, transporting large items etc. All utes are 4WD.


If you see a ute you'd like to hire, give us a call or fill out our online quote form.


Ute with Canopy

Please request a quote for pricing

ute 2022.png

Flat Deck King Cab Ute

Please request a quote for pricing

  • Dimensions of deck (LW): 2.150m x 1.800m

Double cab flat deck.jpg

 Double Cab Flat Deck Ute

Please request a quote for pricing​​


Tipper Truck

Please request a quote for pricing 

  • License Required: Class 1 for 3.5 tonne OR Class 2 for 5.5 tonne

  • 3.5 Tonne Deck (LW): 2.830m x 2.040m

  • 5.5 Tonne Deck (LW): 4.720m x 2.350m

Want to check availability or book? Give us a call!
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